April 06, 2009

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Keep those Shoppers Shopping Away

We visited the Premium Orlando Outlet but there are many other great ones in the area. We had amazing VIP coupons for Addias. Oshkosh was great, and the Stride Right set us up with shoes that will see Jessica through into VPK. No coupons for the last store though.

The Gymboree outlet was disappointing. They only had one pair of pants in my daughter's size in the entire store, it would have cost me more than their current sale prices (at a regular Gymboree) and it didn't have the adjustable waist band. Trust me, dd has a 19" waist I have to have those things! Unlike normal outlets where the items are overstocks or slightly imperfect. Gymboree makes a special line for their "outlet".

The Disney Outlet is oh my goodness amazing! A huge portion of the items are marked down from standard Disney rates, the standard markdown for "non-dated" items was 50% and more on "past dates". What do I mean by that? Certainly I'm not talking about food. I'm talking about the 2008 red mug I couldn't afford last trip was $3.99 this trip! I got a really cool blue 07 Disney t-shirt for $2.99, I could have had an '08 one in green but the blue one was prettier. The classic Mickey and Minnie shirt with no dates I paid $13, but I did see a Grand Floridian shirt that had been $80+ marked down to $30. All of the original tags are there so you can clearly see the deal you're getting. I couldn't find Jessica's name in the mickey bracelets, so I bought two to take apart and spell out her name. I thought for the money, it wasn't a bad arrangement. My only lament is they had a horse drawn Cinderella carriage that I really wish I'd picked up, but didn't know how to get it out of the store without her knowing (it was huge) or how to merely let her have something that big, even if it was only $15.

Oh and lastly I found these really pretty pink castle ribbons. I'm planning on using them to hang nylon butterflies from Jessica's canopy bed after her birthday.

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Heather said...

It sounds like you got some AWESOME deals! Wow!