April 06, 2009


Who R U?

I am a handicapped, mother. Now let's stop right there. Handicapped is listed first. It is always listed first, seemingly no matter who you talk to. WHY?!?! Being handicapped defines my limitations. It does not define me. While a part of who I am, I am not a chair, a cane, or a walker. With that word first you draw whatever conclusions you'd wish.

That second word. Mother, that can evoke many images. Dark sinister ugly thoughts, or warming happy comforting ones. It's really all up to your perception. Mother defines all that I do. If you ask a mother something - there is a seemingly instant connection between the question and my child. How will my decisions in this moment influence said child if at all?

I am a quilter. It delights me define creative side in this way. I just past my one year quilting anniversary. Everyone gains skill and advances at different rates, especially when you consider we all have different amounts of time to spare for things we really enjoy. New and different things excite me, I feel I'm in a constant state of improving my skills. My love for color, fabric, and thread are all encompassing. I even use my background knowledge in drafting to expand my skills further.

I am a wife. My husband is my compliment, my counter balance, yet at the same time he is very much like me. I do not feel that he is "my other half". He completes me, when he is away part of me is missing, still the world turns and the days move past. He takes care of me in many ways others would never begin to dream of, I love him body, mind, and soul.

I am many other things to, but at this time I'm going to stop and ask you. Who R U? What defines you? Take a moment, maybe you'll surprise even yourself.

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Heather said...

I get upset for the same reasons you do at Jordan being labeled as Handicapped. I hate it when people try to limit her. I really prefer the term special needs. It seems kinder.