April 18, 2009

April's Row for the Row Robin

IS DONE! Hooray! I'm glad to be sending this one off to Amber. All I have left to do is sign the label and pack it up. OH! The theme is General Christmas and it's Margie's quilt top.
I started to take a photo of the "in works pile" but Jessica really wanted the photo of her taken instead. To be honest I'm a bit embarrassed by the "in works pile". I've never had this many projects going at once. Yuck. It's not fun. I've already told myself it needs to be cleared out and done by New Year's, which worked out great for last year... Something tells me I'll be making a push on those soon.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I don't think you should be embarrassed by your to do pile. It just means you've got lots of creativity and ideas going. No worries girl!