April 25, 2009

F is for Finshed

I'm so glad to have wrapped up the baby quilt today. It have some kind of disease or something. It's got to be some quilt infection! Just when I thought I was nearly done and the quilt just needed quilted... I go and decide to make the back nice too. A bit of a double sized number. Man on man was I feeling the heat around noon and I was still working on the back. All is well that ends well, the quilting was a breeze with the s curve stitch that I like and it matched the quilt too. As you know the top photo was the front, and this lower one is the back. Not bad for something I hadn't even given a bit of thought to until today. The photo is a bit dark so if you were wondering the block on either side of the star are blue on green hearts.

I am not thrilled with the extreme rotation of the letters, but I suppose it's to be excepted, and I did know, I just didn't full visualize it. The blue flannel is a snuggle flannel and feels amazing, even though the overall size of the quilt is 60" x 70", it is has the perfect nap to be a "Binky" I'd like to think this quilt will be loved for a long time to come. Just for the sake of a good book here is the lastest ones we've been reading to Jessica.


Shelly said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!! Great job as always. I just love a pieced backing.

Heather said...

I am SURE that quilt will be loved for a very long time to come. It is beautiful!!!! Wow.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work! I envy machine quilters because of how fast you can produce something so beautiful. One day I will learn. It's great! Love the colors!