April 15, 2009

Trees and Fabric

Here are the three blocks I had already completed for the second row in the replacement top. The mailman finally showed up with the top, so I can stop working on it now. Seems it was a zip code error. You've really got to double check those suckers.

I'm thinking I might like these three blocks paired with the carpenters wheel. I think the blue and green will really set of the purple already on the quilt. Sometime soon I'll be playing with blocks again. Hopefully all will be fun there. DH worked a good part of yesterday afternoon to get the windows fixed, the holes in the roof are patched, and the tree no longer laying on the house. There is still a huge amount of work to be done, but feels like home again. There are more big branches around the other side as well. DH and I talked last night about renting a chipper to clean up the rest of this stuff. After all I did need to buy mulch this spring.

I've begun wondering when I woke up this morning... Since DH needs a new mower anyway maybe it would be better to just buy a mower combo thing. Then we'd have it for when we needed it. I don't know I'll have to call around for rental quotes. BLECK!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Thank goodness the missing quilt pieces showed up. I'm still so glad that the tree didn't fall on your house. Even though I'm sure it's bad enough as it is!