April 17, 2009

Just enough

I made it, with just enough fabric and just enough thread for the ABC embroidery for the baby quilt I'm working on. It's even cat approved. Tiny our dear one just had to check it. As for the thread... The dark purple-blue you see is about how full my spool was when I started, and the teal of course is all that is left. I figure that means I'm on the right track and it's "meant to be".

This quilt is headed for baby boy TJ, who hasn't even been born yet. He will be the first child born to one of the teachers my sister worked with last year at the elementary school.

I'm planning to space out the ABC's with a "filler" fabric, something nice hopefully with a blend of blue and teal. I'm guessing before the border is added it will be about 50"X60". A nice sized baby quilt. So don't worry about the upside down letters, they will all be cut apart soon anyway. Embroidery Tip: It's easier to embroider on bigger peices than smaller ones. So when you're doing a project like this cut the fabric after you embroider. As a bonus that way you only have to "true up" once as well.


Heather said...

It looks gorgeous so far, and I'm still so jealous of your embroidery machine. It's beautiful!

Shelly said...

I never thought of leaving the piece whole. Great idea!