April 09, 2009

What a week!

I'm only just getting around to washing the getaway laundry as it's Spring Break so it's been kid central lately. It's quiet for the moment as one is playing Animal Crossing and two are eating rice krisies treats (the special Easter ones with Chocolate and Sprinkles). Oh before I forget they taste better if you only dip them in the chocolate and skip the sprinkles.

My allergies are going crazy and I fear I'm allergic to one of the pretty girlie things I picked up from Basin and White. It's bad enough today I want to hide it all away.

I played with quilt blocks last night. The cats look awesome lined up on either side of the quilt. But still no layout. I even rounded up all the block sampler blocks as well as all of my orphan blocks, but still nothing. I have to keep the cats for myself as the button eyes are choking hazards. All but two kitties came with the eyes already on which is really cool. It's nice to see how different people can express themselves with a simple thing like buttons.

Before I left I packed up the sewing machine. It's always my fear that Sunny will have a dunce moment and end up forcing it off the kitchen table and onto the floor. So far that hasn't happened, but... The poor machine has now been packed away for a week! Eeegads no wonder I feel like a tea bag in a batch of over brewed tea (yuck).

The good news is that the fire has not flared up or smoked since before I left, so at least the house is safe for now.

Have you been feeling the cold snap? We certainly have. Right about the time it was so hot I wanted the ac on (the day I arrived home) snap cold. Some parts of Florida even had freeze warnings. Not sure how that worked out for them.


Shelly said...

You will feel much better once you get your sewing machine out and put needle to fabric! Must do that soon!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I pulled out the machine a little bit ago and went through 5 needles sewing on four buttons (for the two kitties that didn't have eyes already). I think it must be mad at me!

Shelly said...

Are you sure it just doesn't think it's a Monday instead of a Thursday?

Heather said...

This week is spring break for us. I'm going nuts, and it's only Monday! LOL I don't blame you for packing the machine up. I'm sure I'd have done the same exact thing!