April 26, 2009

G is for Go for Another

Yep I did it. I made a receiving blanket to match. It was the joy of the two to make. Went nice and easy and the fabric really is nice to work with. In the Applique Heart it says "Little One". That is my favorite part. It took all my scraps to make it, but I felt full filled when I finished, which is more than I can say for the ABC one, as I was so dog tired when I finished it.

I do hope everyone has had a good weekend. DH has been hard at work taking the Maple Tree down one huge branch at a time. It's quite sad really. The tree has been with us since we bought the house and while we most likely would have bought the house without the tree, it has been a wonderful addition to our home. I am currently researching dwarf fruit trees perhaps something will be able to replace it.


Serena said...

Yeah it is sad to get rid of trees but like you said just find something smaller or more fitting for your yard.

Heather said...

A dwarf fruit tree would be a neat way to replace it. Hey maybe an orange tree? I'm funny. LOL Ya'll have those every few feet in Florida it seems. I know you don't need lemons because I saw Rob's. ROFLOL

I do like the new blog header. It's quite a cool effect and I love that it's blocks.