April 06, 2009


The last evening of our getaway we visited 'Ohana. This was a great time. The steak was excellent, and later I will look and see if I can find the recipes for the pineapple bread and the lime salad dressing. Sounds odd doesn't it? I promise it's great. There were pork dumplings (yum), broccoli and carrots (more yum), wings (fall off the bone great), also from the huge grill area came chicken and pork, not so good, but it was easy to lose those two in the sea of great.

The entertainment wasn't what I'd expected as the kids only did one lap around with the coconuts. They also did one lap around collecting others to hula with them, two laps around with the maracas (Jessica had such amazing smiles), and two laps around for a limbo which everyone was a winner. It was really nice because as other diners came and left they could join in or not, and a child that didn't get up on the first go around could easily get up for the next. Oh and I nearly forgot they also taught basic beginning hula. Anyone that participated in any of the little "events" received a lei, Jessica and my sister earned two. If Jessica had gotten a lei for everything she did I doubt we could have seen her head at all. At 37" she was certainly one of the smaller children to join in, but by no means the only one of her size. Afterwards we rode the Monorail to the Grand Floridian to shop at Basin and White, if you haven't been there yet I highly recommend a quick visit. This time around I picked up a "Life's a Beach" soap bar for the bathroom. As well as 6 bath bombs. I'd thought for months that I would purchase the $20 tube they sell (you can pack it as full as you can with bath bombs just so long as they can get the lid on). But the sale they were running when you bought three of the same size turned out to be a much better deal. So instead of a tube for the bathroom I have a slew of little pretty tied baggies. LOL! Have you seen the Monorail lately? Even the monorails are celebrating you and your special days. The monorails are covered in balloons. I just had to take a photo to show.

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Heather said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Jessica looks so happy, and that soap was too cute! Who would've guessed that they would decorate the monorail?!