April 01, 2009

Let them Eat!

I know how to clean foam shoes! The foam shoes you can pick up just about anywhere are great. They look nice, they feel okay and if you're exceptional your feet never stink. If you're like the rest of us you know better. After a month or more those wonderful comfy shoes begin to show wear. They clean off okay at first but eventually you're looking at those shoes thinking okay it's time to go to Walmart for another pair. But they still fit and you're not really ready to shell out more cash even if they are inexpensive.

Here's the answer. Simply wet the shoes as you normally would to rinse them off. Now apply a bit of hand soap or dish soap (they seem to work equally well) rub the soap over the shoe but don't create a lather, instead merely lubricate the shoe. Now using a Magic Eraser rub those wear spots, rub any discolored area and you will find in just a minute or two they are back to looking good again. Allow to dry and you're good to go. I hope you enjoyed the tip.

April is here and I'm glad to see it. My passion vines are covered in caterpillars and I'm thrilled about it. Back when the vine was in a pot it was a constant battle with these little bugs, but at the advice of a good friend I planted the plant in the ground and now the passion vine and the caterpillars have a nice co-relationship going on. The caterpillars will turn into Gulf Frivolities, which are a joy and a wonder to have around so we let them be. Number like these you see will soon have my hard filled with butterflies. Personally I'm amazed with as many caterpillars nearly ready to cocoon as there are that you can't see any damage to the passion vine, (except close up like this) I suppose it just goes to show nature knows best.

My nun orchids also known as Phaius tankervilliae are in full bloom now. I attempted pollination today. I'll let you know how that goes as any viable pods will be donated to Meyer's Conservatory, and of course they sell flasks so those will be available to anyone interested. I'll pass word along as I recieve it.

While outside Jessica noticed a little ladybug. I just love her hand pointing to it. You can click on the photo to see it bigger if you can't see the ladybug. This particular lady is more orange than red. I like the look of her little hand in the photo. (and those dirty foam shoes, oh well they're clean now!)

Every single girl getaway I go on without my husband I break the camera. As a family we're on camera number three. I figure that makes this as good a time as any to figure out some of the extra doodads and other features. This frame reminded me of the movie insignia and I couldn't help but to frame it in with Sunny in the middle. Who knows if I keep at it maybe next time I can catch him in a yawn!

From all of us to each one of you get out and enjoy the beauty of the moment and have a great weekend.


Heather said...

Thanks for the tip about cleaning the shoes! You got some really great photos girl! I love the one of Sunny in the frame. Too cool.

Shelly said...

Great tip on the shoes! I'm gunna try that when I get home. Do you have any tip on how to get the fur lined ones back to new too?
Ah, what a cute ladybug. I also spyed what looked to be an earthworm too. :-) There's more life in that pic than you thought!