April 22, 2009

B is for Battle

UGH! Today was one of those awful days you wish you'd just stayed in bed all day. When you figure out how to do that let me know. My arms ache because I was trying to keep Jessica's dress down while we had a visit with the neighbor and she acted crazy. Normally she insists on wearing shorts under her dresses, but not today. It "Minnie Bottoms" all over everywhere.

After arriving home I decided to start dinner. I make this veggie steak thing, where the veggies cook down with the steak. No not pot roast. More like veggie puree (it cooks into a really yummy gravy and you can't tell it ever was made from veggies), I chop them up in the food processor and then cook them a while. I was planning on serving the whole thing with a side of broccoli and puffy white rice. I burned the rice! I haven't burnt rice in years. I still can't believe it. Then when I started a new pot of rice and put the butter in I thought the wrapper of the butter went in as well, so I was digging through the rice water trying to find the wrapper. When I couldn't find it I dug the butter wrapper from the trash and sure enough the entire thing was there. It's okay go ahead and laugh. I would if it was you.

I mulched the mini rose bush bed. I'll have to do it later after everything settles, but it already looks way better. One of my other flowers beds I think I'd like to completely redo with draught resistant flowers. We'll have to see what my research turns up.

I'm mourning my Maple Tree. Everyday that goes by makes it more obvious that it needs to come down. My property will be so different without that towering tree. I'm thinking perhaps a Mulberry or a Sycamore.

My DH told everyone in the neighborhood to bring over any downed brush from the storm and he'll turn it into mulch, so a certain one of my neighbors proceeds to trim the daylights out of all his trees and brings all of the refuse over here. Don't you just hate it when someone takes advantage of your spouse? I know it gets under my skin.

All day long Jessica has been on me. In fact this has been the only time today that she hasn't been hanging on me. She doesn't want me to hold her, she just wants to constantly touch me. I know, I know, this time in her life will be gone before I know it, but a tiny break would sure be nice. I have been her mom for 1371 days, that's 32,904 hours. Today feels like a really long time, even if it is only a blink.

Oh I nearly forgot there are Questions of the Day today!

Question 1: What noise soothes you? Rain on the roof. When I was growing up in a very rural area rain always meant good things, so I love the rain, the smell, the freshness, and yes the sound.

Question Two: What bores you? Okay I'm embarrassed to say this, but cars bore me. I like car auctions, races, antiques, hot rods, the whole nine yards. But I hate hearing about what is wrong with a car, and I hate even more listening so someone drone on about what they had to do to fix it. Even if the person doing the droning is my very own DH! It bores me to tears. I don't bore easily, but I trance out when someone goes on and on about cars. I used to tell my DH that he gets 5 minutes a week which I will listen to that drone and after that I can't help it my mind wont focus anymore, and sure enough 5 minutes is my limit everytime.

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Heather said...

I'm sorry you had a rough day. I had to laugh at your Mom hour count. I totally get what you are saying there. It's hard to be patient sometimes.

Oh dude... cars bore the hell out of me. Racing is decent, but when Ronnie gets going about headers and exhaust... I just tune out. Just keep saying "Uh huh". He'll think you're listening.