April 23, 2009

D is for Do it Already

I was so proud of myself getting down to block making first thing this morning. Okay so it was after a long morning cuddle and some coffee with Jessica. Without booting up the computer (or checking the quilt layout). I plowed in using my sketches. Yep uh hu.... In the best effort of stash busting, I went through my yellow first and found a swap fabric I had gotten covered in words you'd love for you child to grow up knowing and feeling, charity, love, etc, but there wasn't enough to make the trapezoids with that so I switched to an Ohio star. Not enough for that either by I can get through.

Now, white on white because it will look like the white of the alpha letters, right? Wrong. I see now my plan last night had been to offset the stars on blue. Oh well. I was so proud of myself I used scraps from the Butterfly Bouquet Quilt and had exactly enough to make for the background of the stars.

Of course now those are done I have moved on to the light of day "facts and figures". My brain is miss-wired somehow. I think, okay a 50"X 60" baby quilt. I wont need a whole lot of fabric, right? LOL! I'm short at least a yard and a half of the green! ACK! The more cuts and more pieces mean the more fabric you need.

Wrap up post data: The blocks are 5", the smallest I've ever put this much effort into making (I have made 2.5" Ohio Stars but I wasn't nearly so careful them), with the white strips at the top and bottom bringing the unfinished size up to 5.5"x7" the same as the alpha blocks. Next I will move on the the green for the tilt.


Serena said...

Doing without will always make me more creative....I've gotten into quite a few projects only to find that I'm out, or am short just a little, the entire idea of quilting without is what quilting was founded on....look at pictures of old quilts...very rarely does everything match etc....just think you're being thrifty. You'll be surprised by how much you like the outcome.

gwen said...

I see that you are being flexible about the ABC quilt. Best thing especially if it involves some stash busting! I can see already that it will look wonderful when done.
Take cre.