April 11, 2009

It's a Parent Thing

Today I worked on the replacement row. It's turning out quite pretty if I do say so myself. I really like the fabrics I picked, they feel nice as I work with them. Of course it's always nice that the colors look good too. That of course had very little to do with me, mostly to do with Amber who picked the colors to begin with. I have five of the first 7 blocks one. The goal is to spell PEACE. I started with the P, and then moved on to the E. Anyone who has quilted before knows there it's easier to make two blocks that are the same at the same time, so I made both the first "E" and the last one as well. The hearts were the last two I did and while a different heart block than I am used to, it still sewed together easily. Little did I realize my day's worth of sewing had spelled out, yep you read it here ladies and gentlemen.

It has got to be a parent thing! We really want PEACE! But all we get is PEE!

From my home to yours I wish you a very peaceful Easter Holiday. May your chocolate be milky, your babies be happy, and most of all your heart filled with love.


Heather said...

LOL Amen sister! I had to laugh out loud. Sometimes I get things that are even worse than pee... so maybe I should count my blessings if that's all I get! The colors of that quilt are gorgeous. What's going on with the Row Robin that's you're having to do so much?

Elizabeth said...

One of the rows was lost in the mail without a tracking number and without insurance, so I've been working to make sure Amber gets "something".