April 06, 2009

The Bold and the Beautiful

ORLANDO? Yep! We had a great time. We kicked off our mini vacation with dinner and Villa De Flora in Gaylord Palms. The food was good, all you can eat prime rib as well as a create your own pasta bowl. My group wasn't thrilled with the Alfredo at all but the prime rib gathered joy from every corner of our table. The tomato soup was not as good as I'd remembered, but the Sangria! Oh YUM! I'd never had Sangria before, but let me tell you what a nice blend. As one of the members of our party said "doesn't taste like wine and doesn't taste like a "girlie fru-fru drink".

The best shop by far is one selling Vera Bradley, Paradies Shops. They have an amazing collection including some I know for certain to be retired. Don't go here looking for Vera Bradley discount mark downs though you wont find them. The shopper in you will be thrilled to see that they do have a nice Clearance section for some of their other items.

Gaylord Palms now has gators. I don't remember that from before but they did have feeding times posted, while I'm certain some would really enjoy that Jessica tensed as soon as she saw them and didn't relax until we were on our way.

The top photo is the front door stright from valet, and as we left we made a point stop and take a look.
One last word before I leave you. If visiting for dinner merely for dinner use the valet. After using the valet you will be handed a ticket. If stamped at the resturant the price of valet (it's normally $20) with a dinner stamp it's dropped down to $8 (don't forget to leave a tip!) that's cheaper and easier than the self parking at $12. (rates as of April 2009)

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Heather said...

Very cool! I love how you review everything and give travel tips, and the photos were great!