April 11, 2009

Row Robin Fix

I have washed all of the fabrics I purchased to remake the rows. $20 worth! Since it was the first time I'd been to the fabric store since before Christmas it must be okay. I don't recommend going that long. It's torture! It's inhumane treatment of a quilter! I bought six different fabrics for a total of 5 1/2 yards added to my stash. Right now my darling daughter is curled up on my lap watching a butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis. It's enchanting to me because we saved a chrysalis about this time last year. The stem it had attached itself had broken off. We put the entire thing in the bug box with the best of intentions of watching it emerge and letting it go. We never expected it would emerge that evening! Of course we released it when we discovered it was ready. In case you were wondering this is a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Very awesome that you got to watch the butterfly come out of the chrysalis. I bet Jessica was very impressed!