April 13, 2009

First row done.

I just wrapped up the first row for the Row Robin replacement. Okay so I did it earlier and this is the first break I took. I also have three blocks of the following row down as well leaving me with only 4 left to do. Don't get excited one of those is a 12" Carpenter's Wheel. Do you know what I think of that one? EEGGGGADS! I'll tell you something about that Lori. I sew, but she is a master. I'm more like the kid in the sand box. "But..." You say! I can hear you thinking it. Didn't I make a Carpenter's Wheel already? Oh yes, I did. It's one of the works in progress. But it started as a 24" not a 12", yes I added an extra go round and brought it up to 36" but those are nice big pieces. All those pieces only SMALLER. There is time enough tomorrow.

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