April 13, 2009

Easter, and a couple of Pet Safe Tips Too

Jessica'e Ukulele was a huge hit. She sits and plays it no matter what she is doing, it's kind of cute, and the high notes of the Soprano Uke aren't nearly as high as I'd feared, it's really okay. I do worry she will overtighten the strings and it will pop back on her, but I suppose all parents have to worry about something. Jessica had a great time collecting the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden around the house. Just like in years gone by we use paper grass (you can buy all different colors at Joanns, Micheal's ect.) They are cheapest now, which is why I have four spare bags put up. It doesn't need replacing as much as I thought it would.

Did you know the Easter bunny knows to cover the bowl of chocolate left on the table with shrink wrap to keep the cats out? I thought it was ingenious. Somehow he even managed to get a good seal on it. Something I sure can't do. Must be an Easter Bunny thing. Sunny went outside with us after lunch to help look for the plastic eggs. The ones mom and dad hide never have anything in them, just plain plastic, and my husband would you believe counts the plastic eggs to be sure they all get found? DH can make any living thing adore him. Just look at this lizard laying on his back!

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Heather said...

I am freaking out over the lizard photo. That's too funny! Miss Jessica looks fabulous, and that Easter Bunny is so smart! Did you make her dress?