August 24, 2010

You + me = 6 + TV = 4

Christmas Hodgepodge Flismy Done
Yesterday I spent all afternoon making flying geese.  Why?  To make a 6" border for the Christmas Hodgepodge Quilt.  It was my intention to make spaced squares with stars inside.  I started with the stars and when the gal on TV said cut 1.5"x3" triangles that's just what I did.  Of course I didn't need that size I needed 2" x 3.5" for my 6" stars.  UGH!  What an ugly mess cutting them at that size made.  Into the trash they went before I went to bed.  Then this morning I couldn't help thinking that was an awful lot of work I did to throw it all away, so I pulled them back out and looked at them.  It was then that I discovered I could cut them down to 1.5" x 2.5" and then the points would be back,  Trust me it was a whole bunch of work for 8 @ 4.5" stars, of course somewhere along the away I cut the reindeer border at 3.5" instead of 4.5" so I had to fix that too.
Four inch Ohio Star
Luckily DH found me right about the time I was being inspired by a revised 45 degree border and spent the morning helping me make what I saw in my mind come out in the fabric.  Oh yes but once we figured out how to cut the fabric strips then we learned I didn't have quite enough fabric.  Hence the Happy Holidays at the top.  I really like the way the quilt is shaping up now.  It's 62" square and I think it's just where I'd like it to be.  
Embroidered Top
Of course I'm starting to think I should just go ahead and make the strip mini quilt for the freemotion quilt-a-long.  This Christmas Hodgepodge has been telling me it would like big holly leaves over the red stripes in the border and snowflakes over the red paisley blocks and who am I to practice flowers on it? 


Vicki said...

WOW what a job, but in the end it turned out very nice. I like the Happy holidays and the border reminds me of candy canes - that diagonal stripe effect thing going on. I can understand why this quilt is now speaking quilt me in holly leaves and snowflakes. I don't want flowers on me!

Heather Landry said...

I think that the diagonal stripe on the border looks fabulous! I totally agree with Vicki that it reminds me of a candy cane!