August 31, 2010

They're Here!

I was thrilled when I won the giveaway Aunt Spicy was holding for a friend last week.  I was able to pick one item from Erica's Etsy Shop and of course I selected the rose studs, they are just the right size and I can't get over how fast they arrived, I wasn't expecting them today at all.
As a bit of an extra perk Wednesday is my birthday so the earrings will be something special I can wear while I celebrate.  I was torn between these earrings and her hair pins, so I might very well be back to her store before you know it.  Erica also has many beautiful photographic prints so why not head over to her store and take a look?  When I checked she has three different rose hairpins still, as well as the Coral Ruffle Rose Earrings that are like mine (except mine are pink)  Of course if you'd like to get to know her better pop in to her blog


Notjustnat said...

Happy birthday Elizabeth. We are both Virgos woo hoo! Those rose earrings are
stunning - enjoy Nat

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday Elizabeth. What a great way to get a gift, win a giveaway! Those are gorgeous too. I will have to check out her store. Steph