August 26, 2010

Quilt Along Quilt top, or is it a bottom?

Today I made the strip quilt suggested for the freemotion-quilt-a-long.  You already knew I didn't want to use Christmas Hodgepodge for that, and I figured it out while I worked on it.  For the strip quilt I used the mint and the pink of from the Star Kit (remember the one I had to buy to get the Patisserie fabric?) and they went together really well with the butterfly yardage that I had leftover from this time last year when I made dd's butterfly jumper. 

We glittered up dd's jumper with pee wee glitter shortly after it was done so working with it without the glitter seemed a bit odd, but as you can see I had just enough fabric.

My strips are longer than the suggested strips.  Mine being the length of the fabric and the suggested being 32".  That gives my finished top a size of 41 x 40 instead of 40 x 36, yes I know that means a pieced back...  Or maybe it will be the top...  You never know when it comes to my projects.

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