August 30, 2010

Patisserie Stars

Last night I finished up the 54-40 fight Stars, my goodness, I think these turned out pretty.  As I was ironing them open I stopped and counted the pieces.  There are 29 pieces in each and every star, what was I thinking?  Though I am certain I've made blocks with more pieces, I don't think I've ever made so many, and I'm nearly sure the blocks were bigger than 12".  No matter I'm glad I didn't select to make the 9" blocks!  It sounds like it was bad, but as I made each block in sections, aka the star points and the four patch blocks it wasn't the big deal it might sound like it was. 
Of course it helps that the fabric I'm using is nice, so it slips through my fingers just right and presses open just the way you want it to.  Now that all of the stars are completed I'll be starting on the snowball spacer blocks.  Those will be the Patisserie fabric and that pretty blue-purple batik.  I'm sharing the process with dd each step of the way, so she's completely in the loop on where her quilt is and how I'm progressing on it.  Doing so even enticed her to do a bit of sewing on her own. 
As I'm certain you're feeling picture deprived (the camera had a dead battery - but I was dreading it to be something worse because the fool thing never warned me!)  The photo above is the front of the strip quilt for the freemotion Quilt-a-long, the back is a bit more complicated so time will tell which is the front and which is the back.


QuiltSue said...

The blocks are very pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing them all put together now with your snowballs.

Vicki said...

Great job on the Patisserie quilt blocks. At this rate this quilt will be done in no time flat.

stitchinpenny said...

Your daughter is such a lucky girl. the quilt is coming along beautifully.