August 23, 2010

Stars of Patisserie

Patisserie Star not quite finished
Today I worked on squaring up and sewing together the stars for the Patisserie Tennessee Waltz Quilt.  Granted I'm still waiting on the purple and blue hand dyed fabric I ordered from Connecting Threads as a replacement for the purple fabric I'd previously selected that didn't match at all.  Yes, I'm capable of making bad decisions like that, yes - even when it comes to fabric.  But did you read what I said?  Hand Dyed fabrics at Connecting Threads?!?   It seems odd to me too.  Their stuff always seems a bit more old school than what I'd like to use; Patisserie fabric not withstanding and besides they send me snail mail with pretty pictures of fabric on it and who doesn't like that!?!?

Planetary Nebula Batik from Connecting Threads
So back to the Batiks.  The first one I selected from them arrived over the weekend.  It totally and completely feels like when I first started sewing and my DH enrolled me in a Batik of the Month club, talk about spoiled me, I think the fabrics were some where between $18 and $24 a yard!  Granted that was a club, but this fabric looks and feels just like that stuff, even the over dying techniques are the same.  Now do you want to know what Connecting Threads are selling it for?  Only $5.96 a yard.  Yes, that's what I said.  They even dropped the prices on their other fabrics so shopping there could easily become a joy.  Now the photograph you see was taken on the dark side of my kitchen and it is reading just a bit more green as the fabric is a bit more teal than it appears, but still doesn't it look wonderful?  As it's part of the ribbon border, I'm trying my darndest to keep my hands off of it until later.

Now I'm drooling over their collections that they have just posted with these beautiful fabrics, and my mind keeps playing over the "oh it would be so nice to have a yard of every single one,"  or "what if I just order the strips packs?" (Strip packs start at $9 for 24 fabrics)


Vicki said...

The Patisserie blocks are going to look great. That batik / hand dye is lovely and for the price is a bargin. I was wondering about their quality, so gien your recommendation I decided to order a bunch of batiks and give them a try. Lately the prices of fabrics, and especially batics have been creeping up.

Heather Landry said...

I think that the fabrics are beautiful! You made some gorgeous choices as always!!!