August 14, 2010

Quilt-a-long: Morning Day 1

Good Morning Fellow Quilt-a-longers! This morning has me with the kitchen dishes taken care of and my crock-pot started. Okay I'm cheating a bit as I already had one of my ready made Spicy Chicken Soups frozen, it's in the crock pot on warm now melting down so I can check it a bit to make certain I wont need to add anything. I posted my Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe long ago, but as I've made some changes I'll pass those along to you along to you. Starting with chicken stock, and a pound of chicken (I never stint on the crock pot or else my family might rebel and then how would I make my easy meals?) Then in goes carrots and celery of course; sliced to whatever size you like to eat in a soup. My family doesn't much care for celery so I chop that up pretty fine.  If you like onions by all means add them too, this soup loves to be messed with.

Also add between one clove and one bulb of garlic. Seriously the amount of garlic I use varies widely depending on first how much I have on hand and two how afraid I am of getting sick of whatever is going around. Nothing is going around now, but I want to kick it up so all the cloves around the outside will do me today. Then I add the hot sauce as I have a violent bell pepper allergy I have one brand of hot sauce that I can use. It's called Frank's Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce. I add between 1 tsp and 1 tablespoon of that to taste. Perhaps it's me or maybe it's the chicken but different days seem to need more or less spice.

I try to make my stock from chicken quarters and then use chicken breasts in this recipe - cook them whole and break them into yummy bites just prior to serving.

I add any leftover noodles cut into bites (if needed) right into the bottom of the bowl so they don't end up cooked to much in my pot.

But seriously what's all this about cooking - now set the crock-pot to go and let's sew!

Quilts in waiting.
I think the most daunting task I have right now is to move all of the quilts that have been diligently awaiting the return of my computerized machine to come back from being serviced (it's been 3 or 4 times this month!) in favor of the table runner I'm making for my cousin today.
Lady Bird Post Summer Molt
Lady Bird had been going through a molt and is just starting to look a bit better, I took these of her yesterday and just had to share!
Lady Bird Cardinal

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QuiltSue said...

Thanks for the recipe, I will have to have a go at that - I love homemade soups.