August 22, 2010

Another Go Go Going...

What are those Accuquilt-Go People thinking?  I stumbled on another blog that is giving one away free!  This time it's one of my fellow Christmas-Quilt-a-Long fellow bloggers.  Truly two thumbs up to everyone involved in these give-aways.  It really gets the word out about a blog and the AccuGo at the same time.  Personally I'm still a little on the fence.  I'm not sure if they are all the wonder that they profess to be (I saw them at Joann's on sale the other day for $299!) and that seems like a lot to still have to prep work to cut it, but hey maybe here in a month I'll have won one of these things and then I'll be the one telling you how great they are, you never know.  At least 6 months or perhaps it was 9 months ago I saw that you can use it for Scrapbooking too, so perhaps it's right up the alley for a fellow scrapbooker?

So head over there and sign up, who knows maybe this time the winner will be you.  Sweet P Quilting and Creations.

1 comment:

QuiltSue said...

As someone who's had a Go! since the year dot (well, at least about last October) I can say they are great. I wouldn't be without mine.