August 03, 2010


As today is my anniversary I made this post for you last night. Let's see, I have quilty things for share. I have a mockup of the Dresden Plate Layout, which I printed noted on and scanned back into the computer for you to see. It was very difficult to work in the 22" recommended borders and still maintain a top that I liked. The wide borders will be entirely on the drop from the bed top and thereby have a nice scallop to them.
Just for fun and to check my idea of using diamonds for the centers of the Dresden Plates DH laid out a rough of what one of my blocks will look like. Nice hu?
Lucky me I finished up the Friendship + Card trick Wall hanging flimsy. I once again had a hard time with the Card trick block but somehow by sheer force of will I worked it out. I had to snip just a bit to much from the backing to fully compete the border around (I allowed enough extra of the border by 6" but as everyone knows you also have to allow 2.5" x 5 on those border corners, which I didn't have. The tiny missing patch from my backing fabric will of course be where my quilt label will go.
I think that's all the quilt stuff I have for now. It's my 7th wedding anniversary and I've been teasing my DH about having a seven year itch for a couple of months now, in fact I even put that movie on our streaming Netflix list to watch. No telling if we will or not. Take care and hug your loved ones.

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Stephanie said...

Ohhh, I love these colors. I have never actually done of these Elizabeth. It is very nice. Steph