August 18, 2010

Christmas Row Robin WRAPPED UP!

Today I finished the Christmas 2009 Row Robin.  This project was one stumbling block after another, but I made it.  Not only did I finish the heart and loop quilting today I also made and attached the binding.  This quilt turned out really cute.  I added a small tab every 6" so each year I'll be able to hang it up during the holiday season.  I have very little doubt that this will be one of the projects that I think of with dread until I pull it from storage and hang it up and remember how pretty it is.
Christmas Row Robin Finished
It truly is a joy to have this quilt finished, I have placed it in the laundry basket so that it can be washed on my next laundry day and then someone will have to find space in with the other Christmas stuff.
Detail of Heart and Loop Quilting
This is my second quilt with freemotion quilting.  As I had all sorts of trouble with my Brother machine being in and out of service, I've decided that my little Elna deserves a reward for all it's hard work in the form of it's very own quilting foot. 


Heather Landry said...

I think it looks amazing!! I really love the star detail in the quilting on the back! This will be a treasure forever and is so pretty that it must've been worth all of the hard work!

Vicki said...

Congratulations on a great job despite all the set backs with the sewing machine. It's nice to have another project finished.

Stephanie said...

Love love love this! I want a Christmas quilt now. You did an excellent job. Great job on the free quilting! Very impressed if this is one of your first ones. Stephanie

orchidlover said...

It's great and I love the quilting on it. Well done

Love and hugs Gina xxx

QuiltSue said...

Lovely and cheerful. I specially liked the faces of the angels.