August 06, 2010

Gift from Heaven Quilt Details

Yesterday I was thinking that perhaps instead of making a big fuss about having a fat quarter printed of DD as a baby perhaps I should save that for a different project in the future and instead work on finishing up both the back and the front of this quilt.
Very Different Border Detail on this quilt.
So off I went to go get it.  This WIP was the first project I set aside, so instead of being in the WIP box (which is nearly empty!) it was stashed in the bottom of my closet.  Don't worry the only other quilts stashed in my closet are finished ones.  So I pulled it out and a couple of things stuck me right away.  This second quilt is actually quite different than the first, with different colors and different memories.  All that time ago when I was adding the borders I ran short of the broadcloth but had plenty of 3.5" squares so the border ended up with the pieced border seen abouve where as the first was a straight broadcloth with a scalloped binding.
My favorite blue and terry block that I forgot I made!
I did hand embroidery through all three layers of the first quilt.  By working carefully the red hearts that are carefully placed on the front appear sprinkled on the back.  As this second quilt already has a planned pieced back I didn't think I should embellish all the way through.  So instead the hand detailed hearts have been drawn in the same places as the first quilt, but I'm only working with the top layer this time and wont make the quilt sandwich until later.
Hand embellished details.
So far I have stitched 10 or 11 of these little hearts, and I have 34 total, so I'm about a 1/3rd of the way done.  DD has already been asking whom this one is for. 
The Original Blessings from Heaven Quilt for Comparision.

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Heather Landry said...

I think that it looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product! You always amaze me with how many projects you have in progress.