August 26, 2010

Hodgepodge Flismy has a Hodgepodge Back

I just finished up the back for the Christmas Hodgepodge quilt.  I did a bit of crumb block work to finish it up, which especially considering it's the back came out just fine.  That means it's ready to baste.  I'm really looking forward to quilting this one.
Backing for Christmas Hodgepodge Quilt
I'm thinking holly leaves and words like love and peace over the border, with holly leaves and berries over the plaid.  Snowflakes for certain over the big paisley blocks, and I'm sure something wonderful will come to be for the greens.  Yesterday I saw some really pretty quilting templates and one of them was ornaments hanging off a line, which could be just right for this top. 

For me the ironic part about this back is that just this once I wanted a simple solid back.  I guess I'm not a simple girl.  It is over sized of course, measuring about 68" square, so the excess around the edges will all be snipped off later.  It's always better to have to much backing and have to clip it than having to little, oh can you imagine?  That wouldn't be good at all.


QuiltSue said...

I love your plans for the quilting on this.

stitchinpenny said...

No need to be a simple girl when the back turns out that great.