September 01, 2009

What Labor Day Means to me, Today on my Birthday

I learned from living with my daughter that anytime is a good time to dress up. I also learned that if you want to wear a fancy dress on your birthday you should. So I did. Let's see I'm certain there are other delightful things I can impart. Being a Labor day Baby is a curse to all children. Yes you can torment your mother by saying "My mom was in Labor on Labor Day" but that gets old before you reach your 30's. No one can come to your birthday parties because all parents use the weekend before the weekend after and Labor Day weekend for a last huzzah to summer. That's why I cursed my own daughter with being a summer baby instead.

When you get a bit older it's not so bad. You can tell people that as long as they remember your birthday is Labor Day weekend they will always have a 50% chance of being right and as a bonus they will remember your birthday. This year they'd be wrong and the following year too, but come 2012 they'd be right for the next three years. Neat hu?

In all seriousness Labor Day Weekend is a Holiday for Everyone I know. It's to recognize the efforts of all workers. It was first celebrated in 1882 (I was a bit early for being born on the 100 year anniversary, and if you know me you know by how much). Labor Day is ALWAYS celebrated on the first Monday of September. This date was selected because it's halfway between July 4th and Thanksgiving. So take a moment this upcoming Monday to thank each other as well as Peter J. McGuire (a carpenter in New York all those years ago) for a splendid day off. You deserve it for all your hard work and efforts.

My sister has plans for my birthday for this afternoon. I don't really know what she is planning other than I'd like to indulge in some bubble tea while we're at it.

What is bubble tea? It's this amazing concoction that was originally made by to sell in the tea carts to children after school. Now that means it must be good. The bubbles are really tapioca pearls that you sip up through a large straw along with your ice cold beverage. They are fully customizable to your likes, so the squeamish can forgo the pearls the cups are vacuum sealed so you can take it on the go with you. Still interested you can always visit wiki.


Shelly said...

Hope you have a happy happy birthday!!!!

Heather Landry said...

The bubble tea sounds really good! I have never had it! I'm wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

nor'easter said...

Hope your birthday was just as special as you are, Elizabeth! Wishing you nothing but the best.

stitchinpenny said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you had your tea and some great fellowship with your sister.