September 25, 2009

Pants are Easy

What a delightful morning of sewing I've had. In all my entire life I've made four pairs of pants: one pair of boxers, (without a pattern) two pairs of pants for Bonnie Bear, and one pair of shorts for Jessica's costume. I believe each time I've sewn them together differently and still come up with the same happy result. Sure sitting there looking at those four pieces makes my brain wonder "What?!?! How?" but after taking a minute or five to either reread the directions or to simply gather my thoughts, everything sews out in the end. These three pairs of pants are all waiting for me to purchase elastic and then they'll be done. A shopping trip I know. I need a slew of notions, the notions companies will be thrilled. Maybe next week. I did have enough no roll elastic to create the "Waist" in the Tinker Bell Costume. While I struggled with the casing for some bazaar reason, I think the end result is worth the effort. I still have the belt and the little shoe covers to make before this costume will be complete. I think perhaps it was such an enjoyable morning, because Sunny was my helper. He was there the entire time. He didn't even move when the pieces I was sewing ended up on top of him. Dear Sweet Boy.


Serena said...

Holy cow girl you've been busy!!! Love that tinkerbell piece!!

Heather Landry said...

Sunny is so helpful! LOL You are doing such great things! I know Jessica will be proud to wear it! I have to hem Alexis' witch costume, and take it in as well. Wish me luck on that! She's such a tiny thing.