September 11, 2009

More Sick

Yes, we're still sick here, that's the reason for the diminished posts. I considered taking a photo of the pile of dirty tissues in the trash but that just seemed gross, and the empty tissue box is more of a tragedy anyway.

The sewing machines miss me, but have resolutely decided not to start collecting dust just yet and I'm dreaming of the projects I'll be doing when I'm feeling up to it. Joann's is doing coupon commotion so I am really looking forward to picking up some of the things I need to make Jessica's Tinkerbell costume. I can't believe the number of things you need for a pattern like that. The notions and the back of the packaging barely touch all that you need...

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Heather Landry said...

I can't wait to see Jessica's Tinkerbell costume! I imagine it'll be amazing. I've got a pile of princess costumes for the girls to choose from and I'm buying a NASCAR driver outfit for Brandon. Hmm... starting to sound a bit like last year isn't it? LOL