September 26, 2009


Today I ripped out the elastic I sewed into Jessica's costume yesterday. She doesn't like it in there. Well that leaves the belt. I think that will cinch things up a bit. Rob found 20 yards of black Velcro so I'll be using that for the closure on the belt. Since I seam ripped the elastic out it was free to be used for the matching shorts. I followed the pattern size and figured I would adjust it shorter if needed. Wonderfully it wasn't and the shorts, made from the same fabric, hide perfectly under the costume. The pattern for the shorts is a McCall's oldie (dated 1990) #4805.

Jessica decided Sunny needed a bit of a fur trim on his forehead. The thought of scissors near his only eye sends chills up my spine. Here's hoping she never feels the need to do it again.

I've stumbled into a rut and have found myself wanting Pizza once a week, not just any Pizza, but stuffed crust from a national chain. My dear sweet husband went off to the grocery store and found a frozen stuffed crust pizza, brought it home adding it to the freezer without pointing it out to me. Of course as soon I as was making dinner for just Jessica and I, it was discovered. Different but still good. Yes, yes I make homemade pizza. As a teen I worked for a different national pizza chain so I even know how to make a stuffed crust pizza. In spite of the help from my modern conveniences I still find it nice to give my foot the night off.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Best Wishes!


stitchinpenny said...

There is nothing like a homemade pizza. Lots of people love for me to make a homemade oizza, but the way I do it is costly in time and money so it is a rare treat. I saw your note about the children's hospital quilts and I don't know which hospital said that, but when I read the whole paragraph it made sense. The life of the quilt will be short, but it will fill ahuge need.

Heather Landry said...

Well... I'm sorry Jessica wanted her costume altered. LOL I know it'll all be adorable. Did you think of sewing some artificial flowers on the belt? Maybe on a head band too? I think that would be darling!