September 22, 2009

Blind Cat

Yesterday when Robert came home from taking Jessica to school our neighbor called him over to her house. Her precise words were "I think your blind cat is over here". Knowing the sheer horror such a sentence would bring to my heart my husband went over there. Eventually Rob found Sunny hidden amongst the bushes. It would seem the door didn't quite latch when Rob left. Thank goodness my neighbors know about Sunny and his roaming desires. The very neighbor who called Rob over told him that at first she thought the cat was a stray, but then she saw Sunny's collar. Thank goodness for neighbors, did I mention that already?

I made two pairs of pants for Bonnie Bear, both have reinforced double stitched seams. I felt making them reversible would add to much bulk for the pants to fit property. One is ecru with blue stripes and the other is made from some reclaimed Jean Denim, which I think will match the denim side of the hat wonderfully. I've misplaced all of my 1/4" elastic, so I'll have to add that to the pants later.

Speaking of misplacing, months ago my little "snips" disappeared. I like them for cutting little threads when I embroider and they're nice to keep by the sewing machine. Seems they fell into my scrap bag, luckily I when I went hunting for them today - sure enough there they were.

I started Jessica's Tinker Bell costume today. I made the petal skirt as a size 6 and I plan to make the bodice side 4. There is a sheer underskirt that I'd really rather not make at all, so my goal for making the bigger leaves/petals is so that they will be longer (and thereby hit lower on her leg) and not require the silly underskirt. Jessica being the wonder that she is picked a nice cotton, so I didn't have to buy the costume satin after all. I think she will be much more comfortable in the cotton.

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stitchinpenny said...

What a great neighbor to recognize your cat and call.

I have about 5 pair of embroidery scissors that all sit by my machine.

Get a good picture of the costume.