September 11, 2009

Hungry Again?

What Chewed up looks like
I have a hungry washer. Yes it's true, my washing machine likes to eat things. It's eaten two throw rugs, three skirts, a t-shirt and now a pillow case. Everything but the throw rugs where knits, so I normally don't have any idea how to fix them. This time with the pillowcase I knew just what to do. Since it was Jessica's pillowcase anyway, I went ahead and cut off the chewed parts and sewed it back together. The remaining fabric I sewed back together to make a boudoir sized pillow case.
All better!


Heather Landry said...

You are so smart. I'd have had to throw mine away and buy a new one! Your washing machine needs to get fussed at!

stitchinpenny said...

congratulations on turning lemons to lemonade or in this case a wrecked pikkowcase into a great boudoir pillowcase.

Shelly said...

Nice save!!!