September 29, 2009

Story Time

I was blog browsing this morning, waiting for the need to sit at my sewing machine to get a bit stronger before heading over it it this morning, when I found Heather at the Friday Block Party. I followed her blog back to Based on a True Story mostly I think because of the beautiful cat in her post. What I found was quite a woman, who can write to boot. Her writing reminds me of James Herriot, from the All Creatures Great and Small Series. I will certainly be headed back to her blog and if you love animals it might just be a nice read for you too.

So on to my Story.
When Sunny was Small...

Due to Sunny's eye and upper respiratory infection, we could often be found together at the vets office.  My sister only 16 at the time was a pillar of love and strength for both Sunny and me.  After the eye closure surgery seen above, Dr. Brooks and I talked about options.  We really didn't have any and I wanted any option that would save Sunny.  Dr. Brooks went into the back and came back with a beautiful one eyed gal.  She is amazing black tabby, and Dr. Brooks settles in to tell what can only be said as his story.

His wife called in a panic.  When she'd run home to get something one winter in years gone by, she didn't know that a stray cat had curled up on the engine block were it was warm for a nap.  She started the Jeep back up and went on her way.  Rather quickly she discovered the cat and called her husband.  Dr. Brooks did his best and the end result was the rather large one eyed darling cat I was seeing before me.  She'd also lost a bit of her ear but I could hardly tell.  Her fur was long and beautiful, she was clearly the darling of the office.

On a vet check three years later (of course we had vet checks in between!) I saw a calendar and there sitting so beautiful was the sweet girl I'd meet all those moons ago, so I asked about her.  That's when I learned the rest of the story.

It seems one of the technicians who came to their office regularly fell in love with her, and each day that he would come in to pick up samples for tests, etc. they would visit.  This went on for over a year, until one day they gave her a rather extreme trim.  When the tech arrived at his regular time she came bolting out to him.  His first words where "What did they do to you?" and very shortly thereafter plans were made for her to go live with him.  All those years stray, to office cat, to well loved by the person of her choosing.  What better place to lie and wait for your forever home?  She is much loved and cherished by all. 

There is something special about the critters that receive that extra push, each different in their own way, yet loved by everyone who knows them.


stitchinpenny said...

I am a person who used to attract strays. I would walk in my yard and they would come to me. My neighbors cat who wouldn't let my neighbor touch her came to me and jumped up on the garbage can for her daily ear rub when I came home from work. Cats do pick people. I have lost that after having a cat bite me. They sense my fear now.

Heather Landry said...

What a wonderful story! Just as wonderful as Sunny's story if you ask me!