September 24, 2009

Tinker Bell Costume Update

Now it's not done, but it's to the point where Jessica can wear it without pins. I still need to add elastic to pull in the waist and sew the petals together for modesty. Instead of the bloomers that came with the pattern (that I just know she wont like) I'm going to use a completely different pattern to make matching shorts so she will be nice and comfortable.

In case you're interested the pattern is Simplicity's Disney Fairies pattern number 2872, which I purchased from Joann's on sale for $1. I altered it to completely remove a tulle underskirt that I personally found ugly. I also made the petals in a larger size to make sure I had enough coverage in lieu of the underskirt. Also instead of the plain belt, I'll be using Rosetta's belt which I feel will be more flattering in a "Tinkerbell" sort of way. OH, I nearly forgot I'm planning to make shoe covers with little poms so that my daughter can wear them over her regular shoes.


stitchinpenny said...

It turned out beautifully and you are right Jessica di a great job picking fabrics.

Shelly said...

Jessica is going to be a beautiful Tinkerbell in her outfit. Does it come in a almost middle aged, big hineyed, mother of 2 size?

Heather Landry said...

It's coming out so very cute! She looks absolutely thrilled with it!