August 31, 2009

Oh My Could it be?

Tomorrow is my birthday. I was planning on painting ceramics but then Rob got sick and then I found out they changed their hours and aren't open on Tuesday's anymore at all. So today the mailman rang the doorbell. Who could that be? I'm nearly certain everything I ordered before school started I've gotten? Hmmm. A box, before the mail lady even handed it to me I spotted Vicki's name from Feline and Fiber Arts. Oh my oh my. Let me tell you if I'd known all the goodies that box contained I might have saved it till to tomorrow just because. This was from her 100th post giveaway that I mentioned. The photo doesn't contain everything the box did either.

Not pictured but in the box were some sour gummys, how she knew I can't help a bit of sour every now and then I don't know, as well as some dried cranberries. Both of these packages where thrilling for the French Translations on them. Here in Florida if we have a second language on anything it's Spanish. Jessica my daughter told me that I could have the fabric and she could have the candy. LOL! We'll see honey. Blessed be the parent that came up with "We'll see". Not as good as yes, but a far cry better than no.

That box also contained a pattern from Pacific Rim. Those of you who don't know they make all sorts of Hawaiian style quilt patterns, as well as many others. I've always wanted to try one of the patterns, but never placed an order. Well this pattern couldn't be more perfect, it's called Sea Turtles & Dolphins. I have already read every word. I'll need to do a bit of fabric hunting before I begin though as I'm already thing wouldn't it be neat to make the turtles in deep turquoise the dolphins in grey all on a hand dyed blue. Not exactly traditional. Maybe I'll start with just the turtles.

Jessica had a much better day at school. She was thrilled to have completed all of her required workbook pages. Jessica is a joy, she always tries so hard, and is so pleased with just a bit of attention as a reward for her efforts. Though in the case of getting her workbook pages done she was able to have extra free play time and what child wouldn't want that on the first day of the second week of school? In a room full still of toys they haven't touched yet?

Rob is still stuck in bed with whatever bug has hit him so hard.

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Heather Landry said...

I hope that Rob feels better soon! Jessica is such a sweet little girl. I'm sure she'll adjust soon. At least I hope so!