August 14, 2009

Doesn't like it?!?!

I have a wonderful daughter. If I try on a dress, she loves it no matter what and will tell me when I should wear it. If I make her a dress she loves it hot off the sewing machine and will drop everything including her clothes just to try it on. As some of you already know I love jumpers. Two days ago I finished my first one. I used a purple blender fabric (her favorite colors are purple and pink) and then I decorative stitched on it (go ahead click the photo to see better, it's little bows). Since blenders are pretty "plain" all by themselves I ironed on a kitten her cousin had given to her back which she had stored away with all of her precious things in her jewelry box. Then I used what I think is a Timeless Treasures Retired cat fabric to make pockets. The first thing out of her mouth when I was checking the pocket height was "it doesn't fit". I explained it's a jumper and you wear a shirt underneath. Later when I held it up to check my sewing she gave that poor jumper the nastiest look...

Now I don't know, she was wearing her all time favorite "down dress". Perhaps she simply didn't want to remove the dress she was wearing to try on a "mom made one". But her actions effected me in such a way that I merely hung up the jumper where she can see it when she gets dressed in the mornings. I didn't tell her it was finished or anything. Hopefully she'll come around, but if she doesn't I'll be sending it off to school as "change of clothes". At least I know she wont be missing it.

I really hope when I make the butterfly one next week it gets better reviews!


stitchinpenny said...

That is the worst feeling in the world. I handtucked a dress for my daughter and she as a 3 year old couldn't be coaxed, bribed or in any way persuaded to wear it/ I hope your daughter was just in a mood.

Heather Landry said...

Aww hon! I hope she's agreed to wear it now, that would upset me too. I'm sorry!