August 16, 2009

Looking at you, looking at me?

I currently have two foul chickens cooking in the oven. Why are the fowl foul? (sorry couldn't help the pun) I took those two birds out of the deep freezer days ago, and waited for them to defrost in the fridge. Well they missed the first day I could have cooked a big family dinner because they were still rock solid, and then they missed the second time for being mostly frozen. So I have been cooking them all morning in hopes of having them for "linner" since DH works tonight. Oh well they had to be cooked now that they thawed out. Yesterday evening I looked out the window and low and behold eyes were upon me. Yes, sirree, little Lady Bird was looking at me. I believe in this photograph you can see the one foot sticking out the front where she is sitting. While she hasn't brought her baby around lately, I have been seeing house finch babies. That family easily has four little ones, and when they show up the entire feeder is packed with beggars. That's why I had DH refill the feeder so at least the parents could find room to grab some seed, after all can't feed the little ones if you don't have any in your coup.


stitchinpenny said...

Love your birds.

In answere to your question about the pillows - I have completed one, I hane embroidered and sewn together 3 more. stuffed one of those and the other 2 are awaiting stuffing. Is that confusing enough?

On the boring thing - we had received a gift of the FOCCUS couple we worked with to allow me to be able to see beyond the word boring and realize that we had helped them.

Heather Landry said...

I think these photos are beautiful! I love your new photo of Tiny! I'm sorry about your foul fowl. LOL That totally made me giggle. I'm sitting here doing endless homework with Alexis. I much prefer J's two minute homework.

Shelly said...

I wonder if she is blogging about you!