August 19, 2009

Red Female Saddlebags - Tramea onusta

It all started with taking a photo of one of my dewy (at 11:00 am) Meyer Lemons (not yet ripe), and ended with me learning something new and interesting. Since Rob is cleaning up the yard the Dragonflies are out in force. Since I already had the camera I couldn't help but snag these photos. To give credit where it is due Rob took the first one, hey he was closer!

Aren't these cool? Makes me see like that Meyer Lemon Photo isn't worth showing... Ah well maybe it will be better when it turns yellow. It seems like we just might get a good harvest this year. It's so hard to tell, everything will see just perfect and then the tree will drop most of the fruit. This time it has more on it than ever before, so my hopes are high for what is truly the best fresh lemonade.

A Meyer Lemon is a Lemon crossed with a Mandarin Orange to create a sweet lemon.


gwen said...

That looks like a big insect to me! I am glad I don´t see so many of them in my garden.
But then I don´t have any lemon tree either which is quite a shame as yours semms so nice and the sweet lemons so yummy. I hope you can get a lot of lemonade and jam out of it.
Take care.

Heather Landry said...

A lemon crossed with an orange! What a cool idea! I didn't know that, see, you learn something new everyday!!!