August 09, 2009

The Pursuit of Sewing Through Math

I am currently working on lengthening the shoulder straps of a jumper my mother in law gave my daughter earlier this week. But all rights and means the jumper is to small, but that is a story for a different day. First, I was just going to add to the bottom of the "skirt" to lengthen it, but then I discovered it has a pleated hem. So I changed my tactics and went for the shoulder straps. Since the underside of the strap is the same material as the top side I decided to steam rip both straps apart and completely remake them instead of merely making a new strap from some other fabric. The way I figure it is if I use the fabric from the back side of the strap as well as the front side the length of the dress can grow up to 3"! Don't worry I'll use something like red for the back side of the strap. This will allow the dress to maintain the original appearance, without me having to come up with straps to match. So far it has been much more work than I anticipated, but I do hope it will be worth it.

In my original math, I somehow thought I needed to divide by 3 (aka three straps!?!?) instead of two. So glad I took a moment to check my math!

I did a little bit of online fabric shopping and I found fleece for Jessica's nap mat (oh do I have an idea for that!) as well as a pretty "vintage-looking" butterfly fabric. I'll be using it to make a gathered hem jumper. Do you sense a pattern? I'm so excited I can hardly wait for the order to arrive.

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Shelly said...

The math thing can bite you right in the rear! Check, double check, triple check, then have someone else check. I've had to redo many a calcs because I wasn't thinking right.