August 21, 2009

Tags for the Tagless

Today I found the living room floor. It's been missing for a couple of days now, so I dug it out. I didn't bother to dust it off though. I also made these tags for my daughter's tagless t-shirts which she needs for school. I didn't know where to write her initials so I took little scraps of fabric (leftovers from a muslin backed quilt I made this time last year) and told the sewing machine to sew her initials.

For anyone looking to make their own tags (for post clothing completion)
1. grab a fabric pen and write whatever you'd like,
2. then sew it to another scrap of fabric - sew on three sides leaving one end open
3. turn right sides out and tuck in the ends.
4. Sew around and voila a fabric tag.

I won something! As a dedicated non-winner it's pretty thrilling. Thanks Vicki over at Felines and Fiber Arts no matter how it sounds it was fun just reading all the comments others made. My kudos to Vicki can be found here. I'm feeling restless with Jessica starting school on Monday. LOL! I think everyone who reads this blog or knows me gets that feeling too and would call that an understatement. I went ahead and made a tag for the butterfly jumper I'll be making for my daughter. I be using a Vintage "look" butterfly fabric, which has been in transit for 9 days! I'm so spoiled, I tell you what, it's making me batty because it's taking so long. I'm planning on the gathered hem skirt. I hope she loves this jumper right off the bat. Not like last time...


stitchinpenny said...

I use your method to make quilt labels sometimes. I sure hope you and Jessica are fine with her starting school, you seem to have doubts. Good luck to both of you.

Heather Landry said...

I am sure that she will love the gathered skirt jumper! It looks adorable. I should totally try making Jordan one. You make me want to try!