January 03, 2009


I'm feeling a bit restless tonight. For the past three nights I've had nightmares from the time my head hits the pillow until I open my eyes. It has not done well for providing rest or for helping me want to sleep tonight. Perhaps I will ask the sewing machine to provide comfort and solace this evening.

It seems that you can't be straight Medicaid, so I've spent the past two days trying to find some plan any plan that lets the members of my family continue to see the doctors they've been seeing. DH's PCP is out. DD's PCP is only on one of the plans so I have to try and get her into that one Monday, and of course I'm up the creek. The doctor I've been seeing for my foot is not on any list except straight medicaid at least as far as I can tell, and the woman he referred me to who now has all my records is on two different plan options, but when I accidentally came up for the reviews online for her as a doctor, well let's just say they are bad really bad. So I am beside myself. I can't imagine trying to have everyone in my family on different medical plans. It's a great worry for me.

Oh the good front Kitty's neck is healing beautifully, nothing but a little scab now. I've never seen anyone ever heal as fast as she has. It's like she has a new lease on life. I keep telling her it was a double or nothing deal and now she's stuck with us for another 9 years. Yep Kitty just turned 9 at the first of this year, how about that. Tomorrow marks the day we picked her up from the ASPCA eight years ago. Right this moment she is content to sleep at my feet, and her large bulk and desire to be with us more and more has DH planning a stepping platform to help her get on the bed with us. Perhaps a bad idea, but she is so funny, she will walk into the room and look for me, if she can't find me she will walk to DH's side of the bed, and then back to where she expects me to be, and back and fourth until one of us helps her. She is such a shy cat if you lean to quickly or the bed creaks to much she runs like a crazy cat. You honestly wouldn't believe a cat as large as she is (18 pounds) could run like she does. She will knock you off your feet to stay away from the vacuum! If you have been watching my to do list you have seen a Memorial quilt there. It has been a joy to work on, and now the top is completed. This is my only eye candy for the evening, I hope you enjoy.


Heather said...

That quilt is wonderful! I am in awe at all of those straight lines. (Mainly because mine was so crooked! LOL) I have to tell you Alexis already destroyed Jordan's quilt I made by chewing through the binding and pulling parts of it out. I will end up rebinding the whole thing when I get over my mad fit. Needless to say her meds are NOT working. I have to wait until the 15th to see the Dr. Pray for me please! And I'll pray for your medical insurance situation to work out. I've got a bit of time today so hopefully I'll be able to get to your email. I'm thinking about you! I'm really glad that Kitty is doing better!!!

splendid said...
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MARIKA said...

You do it marvellously the quit. Very nice.