January 29, 2009

Quilty Pursuits

The Apple Quilt is calling me, but I'm ignoring it. Yep. I started working on the last 8 blocks (they are all started) with a pattern that I designed. My trouble now is that I started sewing before I finished the pattern. That's what happens when you create in your head instead of on paper. haha! So now while I'm almost certain what I need to do... There are two tiny triangles that will need attaching before I can wrap them up.

Rob will be working the next two days, so hopefully I will feel up to getting this quilt top all sewn together. The sooner the better I'd say as I'm ready to quilt it. I'm so tried of making blocks, counting and making more blocks. A personal challenge is one thing, even facing my own dread with the Log Cabin blocks was fine. But it seems like I've been working on it so long! Not really of course I only started it this month... My personal deadline is Feb. 14th, I'm not certain if I will make it, but if not it will come for father's day.

The Row Robin Project is coming along swimmingly. I only have two rows that haven't gone out in the mail yet, and I have had contact with both of those group members and I feel we're right on track. Everyone has been eagerly sending me messages about their second rows. It doesn't get better than that. Joann's is having their clearance fabrics half off starting this weekend, and I'd really like to go and dig through the racks. I'm in need of two greens to really make Mary Jane's Row. It will be another altered from original pattern, but hey I didn't do so bad with those candle sticks I made now did I?

I wish you all a safe and happy weekend. Enjoy the Superbowl, or the commercials your choice.

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Heather said...

You sound like you are moving right along on your quilty pursuits! I plan to watch the commercials during the Super Bowl every year but I always end up reading or playing on the computer instead. I can't make it through all of the dumb football to get to the commercials. LOL