January 22, 2009

Sewline Fabric Pencil - Rave

I would like to take a few minutes and write a review. Today I am reviewing the Sewline Fabric Pencil. I bought mine from fabric.com for around $12.

Mine is the Pencil color, also known as Black, but trust me this is no ordinary pencil. It has ceramic lead, which washes away with a bit of water, or can be erased with the built in eraser. These are all facts and I have found them to be completely true. I love the way this pencil feels in my hand. It fits like a high end pen would. The lines can be light or dark with very little effort and all vanish completely. The light lines do seem to fade a bit with handling, but easily remedied by running the lead down whatever template twice instead of once.

Unlike normal lead that you can never really trust on fabric, or other fabric pencils, the Sewline lead does not flake or crumble when you write. This fact together with the hardness of the lead means it lasts a while. The pencil comes with 6 replacement leads and I am on my 2nd quilt still using the lead that came inside the pencil itself.

The replacement leads can be found with a bit of Google searching for around $5, and come in a variety of colors so you are not at all limited. Replacement leads can of course easily be used, so there is no need to buy multiple pens. Unless of course you want one for the cutting table and one for near the sewing machine...

Now I must say, everyone in my house loves the look of this little red pen. I'm still keeping it put up with the original packaging to keep DD from running off with it. Because of this it seems like I can ALWAYS find this pencil. Even when I can't find a pen. It has taken effort not to grab it and use it whenever I need a pen. Part of me wishes it had a flipping end or some such to hold a normal pen or the like, but I completely understand why it doesn't.

I would recommend this pen to anyone working with fabrics. It is a joy to use. It is worth more than I paid, but I doubt I could have brought myself to splurge and try it - had it been more money. I will never go back to anything else. I have labeled it my pen and so it shall be.

I have used it to mark stitching lines, cutting lines, as well as to sketch quilting lines. In all these applications it has preformed flawlessly.

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