January 06, 2009

Pizza and details

Tonight DH made pizza, it was the second dinner he cooked, seems he forgot I promised Jessica pizza this morning. Now I would never make my husband cook a second dinner, but he did it while I was busy quilting, and what is a gal to do, by the time I knew it was nearly done. Oh and what a yummy pizza it was too!!! Better than mine for sure. This is a bit of nontraditional hand quilting. What appears to be a sketch is actually the real quilt lines. Rob drew it on the quilt for me and I quilted over his lines this afternoon. The lines are long gone with nothing but the quilting detail remains. I tie it up, and loop around in the back so the back is nearly as nice and the front.


Heather said...

The quilt is so pretty! I just know she'll love it. Jessica is so adorable. She looks so proud of the pizza!

Oh girl don't worry I will be all over that bus situation. I don't stand for that. LOL

Shelly said...

The quilt is beautiful! You do such great work.

MMMM the pizza looks so yummy!!