January 26, 2009

The Quilt that Needed More

With DH off at his new job (oh it is so good to know that he's working) the Apple Quilt is at the top of my get'er'done list. Interestingly enough, no matter how much I kick on my quilting hat, this quilt still needs more. I thought I had about two more hours on it. WRONG, 6 hours later I still need 12 more blocks. That's after I did the 8 embroidered hearts, thinking I'd be done with those. Nooooo... Naughty thing. My stash is wearing quite thin in regards to these colors, so hopefully not to much more..

The good news my sister tells me she will help me baste it when I get it done, so once the end is reached the quilt will become a quilt in short order after that. Today I am sharing the center of the quilt. As well the heart embroidery blocks that I stitched out, which can be seen above. Sort of a shabby chic on the reclaimed denim (from my curtain project). Reduce, reuse! I have enough denim leftover to make 4 more blocks. That will bump me up to 12 leaving me with only 8 more instead of 12. I'm thinking the 4 denim blocks I'll add would look good having applique apples on them, so wish me luck there, I've never done that before. While I was putting DD down to nap it hit me, oh Cherry pie sounds good! So I set about making one. It took less than 30 minutes from taking out the ingredients to in the oven. I thought that was pretty good. Of course DH was disappointed he wont get any until he gets home, but I'm certain he will grab a piece then. I did receive the next Row for the Row Robin 2009. Adding the Second row is February's task, but I was so excited I started a little early (which is completely fine). These are two candles that I made one for each end of the row that I will create. The theme is Traditional Elegant Christmas, using cream, gold, red, and green. I do so hope she likes them. I found a paper pieced pattern (a couple of them in fact) but it seemed like complete overkill to me - so I reworked the pattern, thereby making my candle flame more realistic, as well as removing the paper element of my piecing. Because I used a border fabric to make the candle stick holder it has these pretty gold dots almost like fine filigree that just stick out at the top and the bottom. Okay it will stick out at the bottom once it's sewn in by the next person, until than, that extra black seam allowance will just have to be there. Trust me it's worth the effort. Last but never least, I caught DH, and I just had to have a photo. Last week DH expressed an interest in my casting on before starting to knit. Well it flew from there, and before I knew it I'd taught him how to knit! Two wash clothes later, his tension is more uniform than mine, and at my request he is now working on a mat for the cat water bowl.


Shelly said...

MMMMMmmmmm. PIE!!!!

DH learning to knit is a good thing, now twice as many knitting projects will get done. :-)

I must tell you, those candles are just beautiful!

Heather said...

The pie looks awesome! Yummy! I think it is soooo cute that you taught your DH to knit. Ronnie would never.

Elizabeth A. said...

It did look good, but I think it was the poorest Cherry Pie I'd ever made. :(