January 22, 2009

Good Progress...

The apple quilt is coming along swimmingly. I have made progress in the right direction. The Log Cabin blocks (all 20) are done. I have also sketched and decided on an arrangement for the blocks, and have created an 80" braid which is to be part of the design. I have selected a center. It will be a handkerchief I bought for DH from Joann's about two years ago with a pirate map on it. It's 22", so I'll need to border it, and I haven't yet selected a fabric to do that.

I also need to cut the apple fabric that will be my "filler squares". After those things are done the quilt will be nearly finished. Mostly only awaiting the last fabric to add, of which I haven't decided on yet. I'm planning on using Muslin on the back because I still have enough left from the two bolts I bought to do two more quilt backs. The main body of the quilt is going to be 80"X80" with borders framing it up and bringing it up to size. There are no photos of this process because DH is home and so far it is still completely a surprise.

My row for the Row Robin is in the mail and should arrive around the end of this week or the first of next. The row I will be adding to for the month of Feb. I have already seen parts of, and am very much looking forward to adding to it. My current plans include a bit of embroidery, a tree, and a couple of candles, sound like a traditional elegant Christmas? I sure hope so because that's her theme.

While doing a bit of research for that Row I stumbled upon something else. A beautiful bit of embroidery that screams out for a bit of painted glitter. I looked it up and for the colors I'd like it would run about $10 or so, I'll be doing a bit more research and keeping you up to date about that.

The Spring Sampler hasn't spoken to me in anything above a whisper lately. I think the next block I make will be a Grandmother's Fan Block (there was one on her sick bed in "You've Got Mail"), but with no printer it will be up to me to create the template. Not my first choice and certainly adding a degree of difficulty.

As I mentioned sorry no photos today. DH doesn't return to work until next week so I might not have anything to show you until then. Take care everyone and have a safe weekend.


Heather said...

Girl you have been so busy! I can't imagine all of the beautiful photos you will have coming up!!! The apple quilt sounds really cute!!!

gwen said...

You are not addicted to quilting at all, are you!?? So much done, and I am still amazed at the pace of your progress.
The apple log cabin blocks do look nice and I am looking forward to seing the whole quilt together.
I especially like your T-shirt work over. Well done, I think the neck opening suits you very well.
Take care.