January 12, 2009

Try it again Ernie...

Mending has been the topic for me for the past two days. I seem to only get one or two things patched up in a day. Slow and steady for certain. This is a Kitchen Dish Rag that had earned itself an early hole. I honestly didn't feel like the rest of the cloth was that worn so I did a bit of embroidery to repair the hole. High time I did a little fixing for myself. I also did the embroidery work on this t-shirt. Rob hated a couple of them I'd bought a while back because they where to tight in the neck, so I inherited them by default. In the past I'd just stretched the collar a bit to make it not so tight just before wearing (I'm so refined yes I know, haha). So when this shirt earned it's first tiny hole I just embroidered the daylights out over the thing. Honestly it's quite comfortable now. I was worried about the neckline plunging to much and so I moved the entire design up in the hoop. Clearly I didn't need to do that. Jessica discovered the Minnie outfit I made for her the other day. Doesn't she look so pretty? Since yesterday DH has been hard at work digging out the roots in our septic tank. What a large nasty smelly pain. It's fixed now, but not before Fios had to come out and rewire our line because they buried it right on top of the septic so as soon as DH started looking for the corners of the tank. SNAP. They had put us on the list for tomorrow, but after a THIRD phone call they moved us to this evening. You don't realize the problems of having it all together until phone, Internet, and tv all go out. Good thing we have a great movie collection.

Well wait, Verizon does have to come out tomorrow anyway. My fios line is just laying on the grass right now, hey I'm not complaining at least it's working, but someone will have to come out and bury it tomorrow. That will be DH's deal, as I'm hopefully off to the biggest quilt store in all of Florida! Rainbow's End Quilt Shoppe, here I come!

News on that big corp interview DH had, but I'm not ready to share yet.

I finished my scarf, but I don't know how to cast off yet, so no final phone just yet.


Heather said...

You can't just leave us hanging on the job situation!!! I love all of your embroidery, but there's a special place in my heart for the Minnie dress! That's just too cute! And she looks so happy wearing it.

Shelly said...

Love the Minnie dress! You done a great job on it.