January 04, 2009


Apparently a little whining was just the thing I needed to do yesterday. I didn't go to bed until around midnight, but I slept okay. Dreams, but none that I can remember thankfully. I've made beautiful progress on my scarf for Soldier's Angels. It is currently 43" inches long minus the tassels. I'm on my second to last ball which has gotten noticeably smaller so the home stretch is coming up. So sorry you can't see the original green and the tassels very well on the navy, perhaps if you click on it you'll be able to see it better, either way I will be certain
I feel at ease enough that I did a bi-block of the month for Jan. 1st, it is called Flower Bud Block, not to be confused with the Rose Bud Block that I used in the Butterfly Bouquet Quilt. Note for the Rose Bud I did make my a bit differently (I used the Eleanor Burns method from her Quilt in a Day Egg Money Quilts Sampler show, which can be found in her book but costs money). This block was used with some of the colors I have picked out for my 2009 Sampler, so it will be set aside for doing that.

As well as starting the BOM I have also signed up with my quilting board to create one pattern for the BOM myself, how exciting is that? I'm planning on a Crossed Pinwheel. I could not find a pattern to feature, but I did find a cross stitch version that I will be creating the quilt pattern for. Pictures and everything folks so be on the look out for it. My date is April 15, but if someone can't do theirs mine could move up.
Nearly the entire time I have been writing you I have been watching my cat. It's Tiny our Alpha being crazy this time. She was talking up and down the back of the couch and showing off her beautifully long and lean body. DH found some CD's in the shed of all places and she's been trying to smell them. I've tried and tried to take a photo but alas, this one was the best. :( Silly Kitty.

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